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The 14 Funniest Gifts for Your Friend with a Sense of Humor

The 14 Funniest Gifts for Your Friend with a Sense of Humor

Note: This list only features the best funny gifts with at least 4.1/5 stars, and most have 25+ reviews on Amazon. All featured reviews were written by verified purchasers. Product selections are 100% our own - we do not accept sponsored placements.

You are about to experience a side of Amazon we previously didn't know existed. The gift suggestions you will see may shock you, confuse you, or thoroughly gross you out. Enjoy!

1. This Colon Cleaner hot sauce is NOT messing around. You've been warned.

Average rating: 4.2/5 (125+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Upon ingesting his delicious elixir of capsaicin, I felt a slight watering of my eyes and the urge to sneeze overcame me and read again the directions, only to find there is no recommended dosage. I also had to wonder if using a straw up my nose was the correct application method."


2. Subtly express yourself with a pair of "This Meeting Is Bullshit" socks

Average rating: 4.4/5 (145+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I stumbled upon these socks quite by accident and fell in love with the entire line immediately! How fun are these?!? I know what I am wearing, but no one else does unless I share it with them. The people who know I have these socks ask, "Are you wearing the socks?" We laugh and people around us have no idea why socks are funny. It's like a private joke, an inside secret. I love them!"


3. Take matters into your own hands by giving out some fake parking tickets

Average rating: 4.4/5 (145+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Just buy these, and leave them in your glove box. They provide a great stress relief over seeing idiots parked in multiple spaces...we don't even fill out the blank spots - we just place the ticket under a wiper blade and go (the idiot will get the message)."


4. Your gift of 1,500 live ladybugs will be worth it just to see the look on their face

Average rating: 4.4/5 (1,900+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I bought these and sent them to my boyfriend of the time. 4/5 stars because some of them were already dead. Maybe if some of them hadn't been dead they would have crawled into his backpack and built a nest. Then he would have had a lady bug colony in his backpack. That would have been hilarious because he deserves to be infested by a swarm of ladybugs. Also maybe some of the lady bugs would have crawled on to the girl he cheated on me with. Because she deserves an infestation too. Anyway peace and blessins xoxo"


5. Get your caffeine-addicted friend to drink a little less coffee with this toilet bowl mug

Average rating: 4.4/5 (1,400+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I purchased this as a white elephant gift for my office workplace. This was by far THE biggest hit and was voted "best gift" out of the whole office."


6. Who doesn't love a nice bag of unicorn farts (cotton candy)?

Average rating: 4.8/5 (800+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "When I was in the market to purchase bagged farts, I was truly torn as to what type to purchase. I searched and reviewed any and every bagged fart I could find, from human to the 6 legged ant, but alas, I was unable to choose which would be the best. That was until I found the Bag of Unicorn Farts! We are now happy to report that this purchase was not only satisfying, but also the highlight of our life!"


7. And while you're at it, why not try some canned unicorn meat?

Average rating: 4.6/5 (720+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Do NOT eat too much of this stuff at once. I had the rainbow runs for a week. The entire complex smelled like hopes and dreams."


8. Your dreams will be spectacular when you start using this Nicolas Cage pillow

Average rating: 4.2/5 (170+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Got it for a friend who absolutely HATES Nicolas Cage. Hates his guts. So I shipped this to him at his university, and now he has kind of come under a spell. It's weird. Now, he only talks in quotes from Nic Cage movies. Like, those are the only things he says any more."


9. There's not really much we can add about this book

Average rating: 4.6/5 (20+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I found the anatomical explanations to be particularly interesting and accurate. The visualizations were astounding. You could really feel the chemistry between the two leads, or that may have been that I was on my fourth drink of the night. I regret nothing, least of all buying this short story."


10. No room is complete without an old Asian man decal

Average rating: 4.5/5 (30+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I put this up in my study area at the start of the semester and my GPA is up to 3.9 now."


11. Remind your friends of their crippling loneliness with Microwave Cooking for One

Average rating: 4.1/5 (65+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I found I had to cut back on the amount of salt in any given recipe because my tears of loneliness often over-seasoned whatever dish I happened to be heating."


12. And if that book doesn't do the trick, there's always the boyfriend pillow

Average rating: 4.3/5 (110+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "This pillow is great. So good, in fact, that my girlfriend left me to start a life with it. She named it "Steve". Her and "Steve" now have three Children Body Pillows® together, and an adorable Dog Body Pillow®."


13. I don't even know what to say anymore. Buy a yodelling pickle, I guess.

Average rating: 4.2/5 (480+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "My son left for college without a backward glance at his heartbroken mother, and never called home. After several months of heartbreak and loneliness, I sent him the yodeling pickle. The results were astonishing: As soon as he received it, he called to ask why anyone would want a yodeling pickle? Thanks Yodeling Pickel, your work is done."


14. Make drinking straight from the bottle classy with the Guzzle Buddy

Average rating: 4.5/5 (145+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Okay, maybe I bought this for it's comedic value, but it does work well for those days when the wife needs a "mommy glass of wine" to put the day behind her. It does require you to get a accustomed to holding the bottle and such, but that usually happens pretty easily."

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