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18 Essential Travel Accessories for Frequent Fliers

18 Essential Travel Accessories for Frequent Fliers

Note: This list only features the best travel accessories with at least 4.2/5 stars, and all have 25+ reviews on Amazon. All featured reviews were written by verified purchasers. Product selections are 100% our own - we do not accept sponsored placements.

Conferences. Company retreats. Sales meetings. Presentations. 

The reasons for your travels are ever-changing and endless. But they all bring the same joys - uncomfortable airplane seats, crying babies, totally full overheard bins, etc. So when you're always in the air, a little peace of mind can go a long way. Some extra room in your luggage doesn't hurt, either. 

These products will help ease your travels. They've worked for thousands of others, so we think you should give them a shot.


1. An ultra slim iPhone battery case you'll barely even notice

Average rating: 4.7/5 (30+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I've had this case a week now and I can honestly say that there is nothing I would change with this case! This battery case is amazing! All other cases I've had a large bottom portion where it connects to the port on the phone that adds a lot to the length. On this case it's amazingly small. The height is barely bigger than a non-battery case."

Note: The case featured above is only for the iPhone 7. It's also available for the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6/6S


2. A sleek down jacket that can be packed into its own pocket 

Average rating: 4.4/5 (80+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Where I live, I get stuck, sometimes for hours in the snow. Need a jacket to go over/under other clothing to stay warm. This fits the bill. It's a very light weight jacket. It packs neatly into it's own left side pocket. No bags to worry about. The resulting pouch measures about 5 x 10 x 2 inches and weighs less than a pound. When I first put on the jacket, it doesn't feel all that warm, but it traps heat very well. Within minutes, it got very warm."

Note: See a similar women's jacket


3. Professional grade headphones at a very reasonable price

Average rating: 4.6/5 (3,700+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I have had a LOT of headphones, Bose, sony, beats by dre, audiosone the list goes on... All I have to say is that I will NEVER buy anything but Audio Technica from today on. These headphones for this price is just outstanding. These just feel very well made while holding them, not to mention look very nice. The fit on my head is just perfect, won't fall off if your head banging, but yet they are not overly tight. The sound is exactly how music was made to be heard, you will hear every instrument flawlessly."


4. A hand crank, self-powered smartphone charger, radio, and flashlight. As long as you have a free hand, you'll have power. 

Average rating: 4.3/5 (1,500+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "My favorite thing about this emergency radio is that it has 3 different ways to charge it: cables, solar, and hand-crank. I tried all three ways, and they all work well, but my favorite is using the hand-crank. It's not difficult to crank it, it doesn't take long to charge, and when you're finished, the crank tucks into the back of the device. The strip on the top allows the device to be charged by placing it in sunlight. Solar charging seems to take a while, but I think it's awesome that I have that option...I love that there's no need for batteries, since the thought of running out, during an emergency, makes me nervous."


5. This compression sac will save a huge amount of space in your luggage

Average rating: 4.3/5 (270+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "These are SO great. They really save you a ton of space and make packing bulky items extremely easy! I was able to fit my snow pants and jacket in one of the medium bags, making for easy storage in my carry-on luggage. This is a MUST HAVE item if you're planning a ski trip and want to cut costs by bringing only a carry-on."


6. This comfy airplane pillow conveniently rolls up into a compact bag

Average rating: 4.7/5 (35+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I love this travel pillow and sleep set. The neck pillow is extremely plush and comfortable. It is contoured to fit the neck perfectly and even has dips in the design so that it fits under the ears nicely. The carrying bag is very handy for traveling and I absolutely love that the pillow cover comes off and is washable."


7. This portable charger that can charge your Macbook in addition to your smartphone

Average rating: 4.6/5 (590+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Great for anyone who has a phone, tablet, laptop, and more! Its convenience is worth every penny! No longer will I have to worry about battery percentage (ahem, phone/laptop users)! My situations: Sitting comfortably with my laptop on the couch, at the library, or coffee shop/ On my phone at work/class and then you realize that your phone's almost about to die..."


8. Avoid extra baggage fees with this handy luggage scale

Average rating: 4.7/5 (1,900+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get accurate and fast weight readings. This is a super simple and super easy scale that will do exactly what you want it to do. It is compact and has a sturdy build with a no slip grip and large, easy to read display. Just 2 buttons to turn it on/off or switch to temp reading and to change the unit of measure. Measures in both lbs and kg. It even comes with batteries so you don't have to scrounge around from one to start using it."


9. Prevent swelling and blood clots on long flights with compression socks

Average rating: 4.7/5 (850+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I wore these socks on an 11-hour flight and my feet and legs felt great! I have sensitive skin and this product did not cause itchiness or any discomfort."


10. Keep track of your phone, keys, bag, or anything else with the Tile bluetooth tracker

Average rating: 4.2/5 (2,600+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I bought one with the adhesives to stick on an item I misplace multiple times a day. I can't believe I ever did without this! No more searching room to room all the time. The bonus is there is a phone finder too. If I have my item with the tile on it and I press the "e" twice, my phone starts chirping!"


11. Drown out that baby crying in the row behind you with these ear plugs

Average rating: 4.2/5 (1,880+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I have worn many ear plugs in my life but these are the only ear plugs (& I've tried many brands) that do not hurt my ears. Definitely would recommend. I drift off to sleep easily and don’t have any nightmares as with other products. Will continue to use these."


12. For an awesome, versatile workout you could fit in your pocket, try these resistance bands (plus they come with workout instructions and videos)

Average rating: 4.7/5 (1,760+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Fit Simplify loops are well constructed and are available in a variety of resistance and lengths. Unlike "look-a-likes" that have broken after few uses, these bands last an extremely long time and don't lose their strength despite vigorous use. They are vital to my post surgical home exercise routine."


13. Stay comfortable in dry climates with this portable humidifier

Average rating: 4.4/5 (425+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "This is such a neat little humidifier! I have a larger table top one for my bedroom at home, because the dry air bothers me in the winter. I travel a lot for work, and dry hotel rooms have always bothered me. This small portable humidifier is perfect, I love it. It is lightweight, and works so well for hotel rooms, or even to easily bring to other rooms of my house or office. It's well made too."


14. Overcome cord overload with this travel tech organizer

Average rating: 4.6/5 (175+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I finally have a great organizer for all my cables and drives! No longer are they all tangled up in a bag. Really great for when I travel. I have iPad, iPhone, 2 thumb drives, a small external drive, a small Jackery charger, apple ear phones and a wall plug. It has two zippered pockets and everything fits perfectly."


15. Zen out in any hotel room with a travel-sized candle

Average rating: 4.3/5 (25+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I've bought several other candels. Far and away the best scent. Even better than the tobacco and patchouli (or however you spell that) one. I will definitely be ordering a larger size of this scent, as soon as I clear out the other ones I have. Maybe I'll order a half dozen of them!"


16. Save valuable space in your carry-on with a collapsible water bottle

Average rating: 4.4/5 (600+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "We are planning a trip overseas this summer and need to pack light. We bought several other brands of collapsible water bottles as well and this is our favorite. It is the most sturdy of the lot. There is no smell to it at all and collapses easily. The plastic "collar" that sits in the middle of the bottle when it's full makes this bottle the most practical and the most sturdy."


17. Ensure privacy and security no matter where you are with this portable door lock (works on any door with hinges)

Average rating: 4.3/5 (530+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I travel to many countries for work and have to stay in hotels. Many people I work with have reported waking up with someone standing in their room in the middle of the night or when they get out of the shower. I bought my Adalock almost a year ago and have been able to use it on every hotel door, except one. I always carry this and a wedge it for hotel door security. It has worked in four countries, including the US."


18. If you're on the go and can't access a shower, these no-rinse bathing wipes will come to the rescue

Average rating: 4.6/5 (445+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Unless you are covered in grime, one single wipe can do the whole body if you plan the 'cleansing logistics' properly (face, then arms, descending towards the unmentionables). I use this product to freshen up after my daily lunchtime 4-mile walk here in Florida. I literally feel as if I have taken a shower!"

We may receive a commission on sales from the links on this page.

We may receive a commission on sales from links on this page.

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