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13 Spectacular Pool Toys for Adults on Amazon

13 Spectacular Pool Toys for Adults on Amazon

Note: This list only features the best pool toys for adults on Amazon with at least 4/5 stars, and most have 20+ reviews. All featured reviews were written by verified purchasers. Product selections are 100% our own - we do not accept sponsored placements.

Who said adults can't have fun in the pool? We're all kids on the inside, after all. As summer approaches, it is most necessary to stock up on these top-rated pool toys that will help you have some good old-fashioned irresponsible wet fun.

1. Yeehaw! Every great pool party needs an inflatable bull

Average rating: 4.5/5 stars (10+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Wildly funny! Who plays with a bull in a pool? WE DO!! This bull took a punishing week with 7-8 teenagers, small kids and adults having a blast playing non stop with this inflatable beast :)"


2. Floating cup holders are guaranteed to come in handy

Average rating: 4.6/5 stars (20+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Put them in the pool with our drinks and with grand kids jumping in and all the waves and moving around not one time did they turn over or spill our drinks, pretty cool!"


3. And when you finish that drink you’ll be glad you bought this floating cooler

Average rating: 4.5/5 stars (650+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "We used this on our last river tubing trip and this was perfect for holding our...soda...while we lazily floated down the river. The river was fairly shallow that day, and we scraped over rocks plenty of times, but this (and the related tubes) stood up just fine. Would highly recommend this brand."


4. Can you handle the “world’s biggest backyard water slide”?

Average rating: 4.3/5 stars (230+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "We host many events in our neighborhood, but none can touch the popularity of this enormous slip and slide. We make a BBQ pot luck event out of it. Hundreds come! Families bring picnic blankets and sometimes even go down the slide together on a tube or air mattress."


5. A mixed drink maker isn’t really a toy but it’s still a necessity

Average rating: 4.3/5 stars (150+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Like everybody else who saw this you were captivated by it's look and what it does. Well when you purchase it you will still feel the same. It's so simple that a 9 year old can operate it. It makes 48 different drinks; 16 distinguished drinks each per spirit. It's cool to look at and you don't have to worry about making the drinks. The drinks are made well and strong to even stronger!"


6. Test your accuracy with a floating golf green - as if regular golf isn't hard enough

Average rating: 4.0/5 stars (40+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Good for youngsters to seniors. Mat is well made and should last a long time. The balls stick nicely, but they do not resemble a real golf ball. Still it's good for your eye-hand coordination and golf swing."


7. They’ll call you “DJ Poolside” when you bring this waterproof speaker

Average rating: 4.5/5 stars (375+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Purchased this for use with an outdoor hot tub. The Blutooth has great connection range, as the phone is usually inside of a brick home during use. Sound is crisp, clear, and can be heard even in large groups of people with the hot tub on, firepit and grill working. Dropped it in water, and the sound was slightly quieter for a minute, shook the water out and all was back to normal. Battery life is excellent as well."


8. Underwater pictures and videos will get you tons of likes

Note: Also available for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Average rating: 4.4/5 stars (20+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "I've used this case underwater and on land during a trip to Puerto Rico for snorkeling, caving, and hiking through the rapids in the rainforest and it is nothing short than AMAZING. The pictures are super clear whether you use it in the water or out and the case is so easy to snap on and off."


9. Nothing says summer like beer pong in the pool

Average rating: 4.5/5 stars (50+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Bought it for a pool party and it worked beautifully. Just as described! When you put air into the air intake hole the air doesn't release back out due to a valve allowing the air to remain inside the float which is really convenient to have. Additionally more than enough Cup holes are provided for the game as well as for additional drinks. The cup holes had a tight fit for a regular sized solo cup. This was perfect because the cups stayed in place throughout the game. This was the highlight of the pool party great buy!"


10. Drift and doze away with this canopy island float

Average rating: 4.2/5 stars (190+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "OMGosh, this is worth every penny. It is made from quality material. The back rest is so comfortable! I'm a large person and had no problem getting on it or off of it. After our exercise we got on the float with a book and just chilled. I think you could fit 4 average size adults on it."


11. Take aim and go nuts with this powerful balloon slingshot

Average rating: 4.4/5 stars (110+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Exactly the weapon we were looking for. Two houses, 322 feet apart, easy target! Yes we had the high ground but this Beast was spot on. Our enemy took multiple hits before they could see through the fog of war and comprehend what was going on and where the onslaught was coming from. The Beast held up perfectly over multiple days and high activity periods of 15-20 water bombs per minute. If you are looking for a superior water balloon launcher this is your product!"


12. You need this giant inflatable unicorn because...well you just do

Average rating: 4.4/5 stars (35+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "The first time I blew it up I could tell it was going to be the best purchase I have ever made. It is made from a sturdy material, and it is HUGE. Two of us were on it at once and it was totally comfortable. I got a great tan! Everyone took their turn on the Unicorn, and despite two chilly nights it never had to be inflated again. People were jumping on it, we had a dog on it at one point and it really held up."


13. Grab some friends and go with the flow in this 4 person raft

Average rating: 4.3/5 stars (330+ reviews)

Reviewers say: "Took two of these on a rowdy float trip. People were getting off the main rafts and stealing our tubes cause they looked so comfy. Went through a 6 mile float with 20+ drunks, and these things made it through the ship."

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